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Study Abroad

Visa for students to study dream courses in reputed universities.

Visitor Visa

Non-immigrant visa to stay in Canada for specific period.

Express Entry

One of the quickest method of immigration to Canada.

Family Class Sponsorship

Easily obtainable and liberal family sponsorship visas

Top Notch Immigration Solutions Inc.

Top Notch Immigration Solutions Inc. is one of the leading companies in assisting individuals who are looking forward to immigrate to Canada. Our company was recently established with the objective of providing assistance to thousands of individuals, who go through a complex and a frustrating process when trying to get into the country. In order to provide a top notch service to those individuals, we gathered the best advisers, who come from different backgrounds. Hence, we are in a position to provide an excellent service to any client who is looking forward to immigrate to Canada.

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Being ICCRC approved consultant we always choose the right immigration program for you. As a result visa processing time reduced drastically.

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Our experienced and dedicated team extremely worked hard to carry the process in the right direction.

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We believe in solving the problem as soon as possible. So with our skillfull attitude and behaviour we can solve the complicated cases very easily.

99% Success Rate

Accepting challenges is an extra feather in our cap that is why our success rate is more than 99%.

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Equipped with expert advisers, who come from different professional and educational backgrounds. Hence, we are in a position to provide a superior service to all our clients. The primary objective of all these advisers is to assist you make your life a better one by immigrating to Canada.

Express Entry

Quickest method to immigrate to Canada. However little bit complex.

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Visitor Visa

Canada is extremely beautiful destination for tourists and hold place at top for visitor visa.

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Student Visa

The decision of overseas education can be one of the most fruitful plan as it brings exceptional experience.

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Skilled Class Visa

Skilled workers from every corner of the world comes under this umbrella.

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Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program is a fast track immigration process where specific are skills required

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Passport/PR Card(New/ Renewal)

A passport is required if you have to travel out of Canada.

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Citizenship Application

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Refugee/ Refusal Apeals

Refugee Claim applications that were rejected by the lower tribunals were either sent back for reconsideration or the Refusal Appeals

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Family Class Sponsorship

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Express Entry

Express Entry can be considered as one of the quickest and straightforward methods available for people to immigrate to Canada. However, the Express Entry application process is a complex one. People who go through the right application process will be able to win their visa to immigrate and settle down in Canada.

All the people who submit applications for Express Entry will be placed in an application pool. In addition, a mark will be assigned to an application based on the facts mentioned in it. When sending invitations for the Express Entry applicants, a cut-off mark is selected and all the individuals who have higher marks than the cut off will be selected from the application pool. Those individuals will then be awarded Canadian Permanent Residency.

Even though this sounds like a simple process, there are various hidden aspects that applicants should be aware of. If you do any mistake due to a lack of knowledge about the Express Entry application system, you will not be able to receive the invitation. That’s why it is extremely important for you to seek the assistance of a highly reputed immigration service provider such as Top Notch Immigration Solutions.

People who can apply for Canadian PR under Express Entry application process are divided into three main categories. They include:

  • Federal Skilled Workers
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Traders

If you belong to any of those categories, you can simply go forward with your application. But if you don’t, your application will be rejected. In case if you are not sure whether you are eligible to apply for Express Entry under these three categories, you can go ahead and consult us at Top Notch Immigration Solutions. We will analyze your skills and tell whether you are eligible or not.

When you are applying for Canadian PR under the Express Entry program, you will need to create your Express Entry Profile. We can guide you throughout the process of creating this Express Entry profile. This is an online profile and you need to be careful when you are uploading information for it. You will have to provide personal information such as your education, fluency in English, fluency in French, work experience and your age.

Even though they seem like obvious information, you are not encouraged to go through the application process on your own. You need to be accurate with the information you enter so that you can get into the pool of candidates. We can help you with that through our expertise with the Express Entry program.

As mentioned earlier, all the Candidates in the application pool of the Express Entry program will be ranked based on the marks that they get for the qualifications. The maximum amount of points that you can get according to this point system is 1,200. However, the cut off mark is somewhere around 450 and it would fluctuate based on the eligibility of applicants from the application pool.

At every invitation round, candidates from the application pool with the highest marks will be selected. Then they will be awarded with Canadian PR. The cut-off mark is directly determined by the number of applicants who are in the pool. Once a specific candidate is selected, he will be provided with 90 days to submit another online application, which is used to award a Permanent Residency. When that application is submitted, an individual will be able to get into Canada within a period of six months. If you don’t have a clear understanding of this procedure, you don’t need to worry about anything because we at Top Notch Immigration Solutions are there to guide you.

The applications that you submit to get into the Express Entry application pool are valid only for a period of 12 months. If you don’t receive an invitation within the 12 months, you will have to re-submit your applications. But before you submit your applications, you can come and contact us. We will analyze and see where you have gone wrong and why you didn’t receive an invitation.

Top Notch Immigration Solutions has plenty of experience with assisting individuals who prefer to get into Canada through the Express Entry program. Therefore, all people who contact us and get assistance with the Express Entry application process is in safe hands. If you are qualified, we make sure that you get into Canada through the Express Entry program. If not, we will guide you throughout the process of obtaining Canadian PR via the Express Entry program.

Visitor Visa

There are so many places where people are dreaming to be at least for a day or two in their lifetime. Canada is one such beautiful destination that tops the list of any person. Located in North America, Canada is a wonderful country with many attractive places to be. If someone is asked to choose a place where they would be lucky to be, Canada is one of the most frequently picked. People come to Canada for various purposes. Some people come to study, some come for business purposes, and some come as tourists. When it comes to visiting Canada, there are certain things that you should have and know about. Canada Visitor Visa is the first thing that you should give a priority to if you are visiting Canada. There are different types of visitor visas. Visit/tourism, work, study and temporary residence are some of them.

Basic Requirements Needed to Visit Canada on Visitor Visa

  • You should have a valid passport to represent a valid identification document.
  • You should be in good health.
  • You should not have any criminal record or a connection to criminal related activities.
  • There should be a fair reason to convince the immigration officer that you have bonds like; occupation, family, assets that will take you back to your country.
  • There should be a fair reason to convince the immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit before the expiry date of your visa.
  • You should be financially strong so that you can last your visit without any trouble. The amount of money that you should have may depend on the time of your stay and if you stay in a hotel or with friends and relatives.

With these main requirements, you may also need a medical exam and a letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada, but it’s not a must. Most importantly if you have any connection with criminal activities, human rights violations or organized crimes, you are not allowed to visit Canada.

How to Apply for Canadian Visitor Visa

There are two methods that you can apply for the Canadian Visitor Visa:

  • Apply online
  • Apply on paper

When applying online you should have a scanner or a camera to make digital copies of your documents and you should have a valid credit card for the payment.

When it comes to applying online, you will have to answer a questionnaire that will check whether you are eligible to apply for the Canadian Visitor Visa. After completing that, you can fill the application and submit it online.

When it comes to apply on paper this is the procedure that you should follow:

  • First of all, get the application package
    This includes all the guidelines or instructions that you need to fill the application form. Read them carefully and fill it with perfect attention. Since the application fees are not refundable, make sure that you are eligible to apply for the Canadian Visitor Visa. Each individual applicant must submit a completed application form and every child who is under the age of 18 must have the signature of their parents or guardian on the application form.
  • Pay the application fees
    Most of the time application fees are paid in Canadian dollars. If you are applying through a Visa Application Center or VAC, you will have to pay their service charge too, because the application fee does not include service charges.
  • Submit the application
    Unless you are applying with your whole family you can submit your application on your own. Families should send their individual applications in one package and the principal applicant should send their combined package to the place where their applications are processed.

One question people have regarding applying for a visa is “how long will it take?” It cannot be answered precisely, but it is better to apply at least two months before your departure to Canada.

Who doesn’t need a Visitor Visa to visit Canada?

There are some countries that do not need their citizens to have a visitor visa to visit Canada. Citizens of the United States, Australia, Singapore, Portugal, Bahamas, Finland, Greece, Iceland and more than 40 countries are mentioned as being exempt. So people from these countries do not need a visitor visa to visit Canada.

How to extend your stay

Usually, for the Canadian Visitor Visa, you will be able to stay up to 6 months. After that period you will have to leave Canada, if not it will be an offence. However, there is a way, if needed, to extend your period of stay. You have to apply for the visitor status in order to extend your stay. You can apply for visitor status from within Canada at a Canadian immigration office. You should apply for this before your visa expiration. If your Visa has expired, but you have applied for the visitor status and are waiting for your visa to renew, you will get a status called “implied status” until the final verdict is made.

One of the most frequent questions people have on a visitor visa is if they can leave Canada and return back within the visitor visa period. You will get two answers; yes and no. Because there are different types of visiting visas depending on the visa’s features. If you have the feature of multiple entries in your visa, yes, you can leave Canada and return back within your visiting visa period, but if you have only a single entry then you do not have that privilege.

If you are overwhelmed with how to apply for a visiting visa, and the basic requirements you can always contact Top Notch Immigration Professionals. We can make sure all of your documents are in order so you can make the process of obtaining a Canadian visitor visa much convenient.

Student Visa

There are constant changes to visa requirements pertaining to any country, which is generally to keep up with that country’s immigration policies based on their political environment, economic requirements and social considerations.

It is the prerogative of the visa issuing office to ensure that every application adheres strictly to the formulated instructions if it is to approve and issue the relevant visa and if the parameters set are not met, rejecting such visas would be what they would do under the circumstances.

Globalization has opened up the world in every sphere and there is more interaction between the peoples of the world and travelling between countries has become the norm and the pressure on visa issuing offices has also increased.

This new phenomenon and the numerous incidents of false and spurious visa applications being submitted around the world and not only limited to Canadian Immigration, have necessitated the tightening of screws universally, which is understandable.

Hence strict adherence to the rules and regulations pertaining to issuing a Canada Student Visa by Canadian Immigration it would be imperative for the applicant to show sufficient bona fide cause and follow those rules when applying for the visa.

No exceptions to the rule

There cannot be any exceptions in such a situation as the relevant guidelines and rules would supersede any other considerations hence strictly falling in line with the requirements would be imperative by every applicant.

Canada too has similar issues and more, hence immigration policies constantly change and if you are planning to enter anyone of the many universities in the country to pursue higher education, it would be prudent on your part to ensure that you are apprised of all the requirements, prior to submitting your Canada Student Visa application.

If your Canada Student Visa application is rejected for want of any information or for failing to fulfill all the required guidelines, you may have to forego your application fee and resubmit another new application which would still not have any guarantee that it would be accepted without a hitch.

Help to submit a Student Visa application

There is no such requirement to need a third party to prepare and submit your application but if you decide to retain the services of such an intermediary, the chances are that your application process would be more streamlined and hassle-free.

There are 130,000 foreign students being enrolled in most or all of the recognized universities in Canada and in comparison thousands more who apply and a substantial number of them are rejected by Canadian Immigration for various reasons.

If you are a prospective candidate aspiring to enroll in any of the Canadian universities it would be disheartening if your application for a Canada Student Visa is rejected for some frivolous reason which no one could be blamed other than you.

You should also understand that there are many unscrupulous individuals who masquerade as bona fide students and try to use the loopholes in the Canadian Immigration system if there are any and try to slip through the net.

The onus lies entirely on the shoulders of the Canada Student Visa issuing office to filter the bona fide applications from the spurious one and that is a very tall order.

It becomes more pertinent that your Canada Student Visa application should be convincing at face value and the visa office should be swayed by its authenticity to issue the visa without any doubt in their minds.

Retaining a Canadian Immigration Consultant

There are many very important criteria that you would need to consider prior to walking through the doors of a third party’s office, who you would be considering to handle your Canada Student Visa application, listed below to help you through the process.

  • Licensed with the relevant statutory authorities.
  • Authorized to handle Canada Student Visa applications of aspiring candidates.
  • Experienced in handling Canada Student Visa applications.
  • Are they registered as a company in Canada.
  • Have they a registered representative office.
  • Their rate of success in procuring Canada Student Visas for their clients.
  • Covered for any eventuality with Professional Liability Insurance.
  • If they are able to communicate with you effectively.


Skilled Class Visa

Skilled workers from every corner of the world are provided with the opportunity to immigrate to Canada and settle down along with their family members. However, eligible candidates will be selected based on their economic stability. In addition, the shortages that exist within the Canadian labour market will also be considered before opening doors for skilled workers.

In order to immigrate to Canada under the Skilled Worker program, you need to have at least one year of skilled work experience under the Federal Skilled Worker Category. This immigration program is based on a point system as well. All the Federal Skilled Workers are encouraged to apply for it through the Express Entry system to be qualified.

Understanding the point system

As mentioned earlier, the Skilled Worker program is based on a point system. If you want to get into Canada through this program, you will need to have a clear understanding of the point system. The Skilled Worker point system takes six important factors into consideration. You will be analyzed based on these six factors to provide the points. The maximum that you can get from these points is 100. Out of 100, you will need to have at least 67 to pass.

The six factors that will be used to analyze your skills include

Your Education:

You will be provided with points under the Skilled Worker program based on your level of education. The minimum number of points that you can get is 5 and that is for secondary school credentials. If you have successfully completed a Ph.D., you will be able to get up to 25 points. However, all your foreign educational documents need to be certified according to the Canadian equivalency assessment.

Your language proficiency:

You need to be fluent in English or French in order to get into Canada under the Skilled Worker program. Your language proficiency will be measured based on the results that you obtain for an approved language test such as IELTS. To be eligible, you need to have at least 7 points in the first language and 5 points in the second language. There are 28 marks available for you to grab under this category. When you are submitting results, you need to make sure that they are not older than two years at the time of submission.

Your work experience:

For every year that you work, up until 6 years, you will be able to receive points under the Canadian Immigration Skilled Worker Program. A total of 15 points are available for you to grab under this category. The work experience should be full-time, or else, you need to have part-time work experience that is equivalent to full-time experience. You will have to provide reference letters from your workplace to demonstrate the work experience that you have.

Your age:

Your age will also be considered as a key parameter in the Canadian Skilled Worker Immigration program. You will be able to receive 12 points under this program. If you are in between 25 to 49, you will be able to receive the maximum amount of points that an individual can receive.

Your job offers:

If you are provided with a job offer from an employer in Canada, you can easily get through the Skilled Worker program because you will be able to receive 10 points. However, you need to receive a permanent job offer from a Canadian company. Even if you are not working in Canada, but you still have a job offer based on the Labor Market Impact Assessment, you will be able to receive the 10 points.

Your adaptability:

Your adaptability to the conditions in Canada will also be analyzed before letting you come into the country via the Skilled Worker program. If you are married, your spouse should be proficient in English and you will receive points for that. In addition, the education of your spouse in Canada will also be provided with points. If you have a close relative, who has PR or Citizenship in Canada, there is a possibility for you to win some extra points under adaptability.

Now you have a clear understanding of the point system of the Skilled Worker program. If you have any doubts about it, you can go ahead and contact us at Top Notch Immigration Solutions.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, there are a few additional requirements that you need to have in order to come to Canada and settle down. For example, you need to show that you have enough funds to sponsor you and your spouse while settling down in the country. It will take a considerable amount of time for you to find a job offer and you should be financially stable until that.

Your health and history with criminal records will also be taken into consideration before allowing you to come into Canada. Hence, you should be aware of it as well. If you are in need of any sort of assistance, you can simply contact us and we are willing to provide our services to you and make sure that you have a clear understanding of the Canadian Skilled Worker immigration program.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Visa

Migrating to another country from where you were born and bred, schooled and worked is an option many are looking into especially with the intention of elevating their standard of living, enjoying better working conditions, procuring higher wages and a brighter future for the kids.

If one is to select such a country there are many choices of which, there are the ones perennially selected to migrate but with those countries having problems of their own, one country that is attracting many immigrants over the last few decades is Canada.

Canada is a very large country and is rich in resources and with a comparatively small population and with ample opportunities available the government of Canada wants more people to come and help them develop their vast country.

Whatever technology we may develop human resources is a very important component and without people, no country could develop on technology alone.

Along with the development of technology a major component to develop any country the human resources factor need to be taken in serious consideration.

Canada has identified this issue and has a government policy encouraging immigrants from all over the world without any discrimination but with certain criteria to be fulfilled in accordance with what Canada wants.

Different types of immigration possibilities

The Canadian government after looking at their requirements and has formulated many types of immigration possibilities that are offered to prospective candidates who would possess the required qualifications, skills, disciplines and experience to come over and immediately assimilate into the country’s social and economic fabric.

Some that are available at the moment, which could change with time and as per the Canadian government’s requirements, are listed below.

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Study Permit
  • Work Permit
  • Express Entry FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) Category

There are others too which the Canadian government would open to take in skilled workers as per the rising requirements of the specific time hence keeping a watch on the Canadian Immigration website would be advisable.

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program is a fast track immigration process where those with specific skills required by the particular province n question could bring immigrants in to fulfill their economic and social needs.

How it Works

Under this program, the responsibility is bestowed on each province under the jurisdiction of the Canadian government to open their doors to such immigrants who would fulfill the requirements of the respective provinces.

Immigrants would need to work and live in that province and are nominated by the province on the strength of which the Federal government would issue the necessary visas to migrate from their country of domicile.

All the Canadian provinces are encompassed into the Canada Provincial Nominee Program other than Quebec which has their own independent systems of immigration.

The provinces in the Canada Provincial Nominee Program initiate and sign agreements with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which permit the individual provinces to select and then nominate those immigrants that they would select to work and live within the jurisdiction of their respective provinces. Each province has the ability, flexibility and independence to draw up their own required criteria on how they would select the immigrants that they would need.

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program has been very successful as it allows each province to identify their specific requirements for human resources based on their specific requirements and to tailor-make their nominations.

Its success has been due to the immigrant who has been identified with the required skills moving fast into his or her career without any reason to be looking for a job.

The employer could easily recruit an employee with the skills that they are looking for without wondering as to when they could complete their team. The province does not have to be responsible for the immigrant until he or she settles down as they already have a job to employ them as soon as they arrive.

Affiliating the CPNP with the Express Entry FSW category

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program is in the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker category enabling provinces to nominate immigrants whom they would want to come over to their respective provinces. Those immigrants who are armed with such nominations are immediately awarded extra points on the strength of their nomination from a province allowing them an easier immigration passage over other prospective immigrants.

This very comprehensive and enlightening immigration system has given the provinces the ability to cut the possible red tape,d prop up their economies and social fabric faster than relying on the slow and lethargic bureaucracy that is generally prevalent in most government departments not only in Canada, but all over the world.

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program has done immense good for the Canadian provinces and has also taken the onus and responsibilities of the Federal government trying to balance the total economic and social fabric of this vast country.

This is a very good example of how delegating responsibilities within a political system and ensuring that each entity finds and fends for their own advantages works well and everyone is kept happy with the economy and social fabric booming.

Advice from a Canadian Immigration Consultant

If a prospective candidate is to apply for migration through the Canada Provincial Nomine Program on his or her own, it would be quite a difficult process to understand and master because there are many intricate details to adhere to.

Hence seeking the advice of a Canadian Immigration Consultant to represent you would be the most prudent way to take on the issue because then you would have a professional with the experience and expertise to guide you through.

One of the best in the business is Top Notch Immigration Solutions Incorporated, located in Brampton, Ontario, who has helped many like you to find their footing in Canada, through the Canada Provincial Nominee Program.

Passport & PR Card (New / Renewal)

A passport is required if you are to travel out of Canada and it should be preferably valid for six months or more as most countries that you would travel into, would require that you meet this requirement for them to stamp a visa on it.

This is because if your passport is not valid and has expired so will be your visa to be legally in that country so both the visa which is your right to be in that country legally and your passport should be valid during the duration you would be there.

Hence when applying for a visa to travel to another country be well aware of these very important criteria and ensure that your Canadian passport has the required validity or you could face unnecessary problems.

Obtaining a new Canadian Passport

If you are applying for a Canadian passport for the first time then the documents that you would need to attach with your application would be as follows.

You need to fill out the form for a new passport and along with it, you would need the photographs which have a standard size which every authorized photographer is aware of.

The full name of the Photographer, their address, and telephone numbers should be written on the back of the photograph with a receipt attached.

You would need to show that you are a citizen of Canada and for that, there are many documents. You would need to attach one of them, which could be your birth certificate, permanent resident card, driving license etc.

You would also need an attested guarantee letter from another Canadian citizen confirming your identity with a photograph or he or she could accompany you to the passport office with his citizenship identity.

Passports could be applied for online or by post, but if you visit the passport issuing office personally you could request for a 24 hours service where you could get your passport within that period.

Renewal of Canadian Passport

To renew your Canadian passport, you should have your earlier passport which you would have obtained when you were 16 years or older.

You should be a Canadian citizen and show proof to that effect and you should also send your old passport along with the application.

If you are travelling in the near future then you would need to apply in person and obtain it by the 24 hours service that is offered.

If you have a valid visa of a country that you wish to travel then you would need to mention so in the application so that the old passport with the valid visa would be returned to you or it would be all cancelled and then returned.

You need to get the appropriate photographs, two of them and have them attested by the photographer, with his name address, the date the photos were taken.

Your application should also have two references who would have known you for more than two years prior to the date of the application.

Depending on how you would apply the required renewal fees have to be paid up, which could be paid by credit or debit card, certified cheque or bank draft.

Obtaining new PR Card

A PR Card is sent to every immigrant when they land in Canada within 180 days of arrival and for that, the immigrant would need to inform his or her mailing address.

If a PR Card is lost, stolen, defaced, or would expire or you have not received one even after you have informed your address then you would need to apply for one.

A processing fee of Canadian $50 would be charged to provide a replacement PR Card and would be provided only if there is a valid reason as to what happened to the original one.

Your PR Card would allow you to enter Canada by plane, boat, bus or car and without one you may not be allowed to board hence it is an important document to have with you.

When you take up Canadian citizenship, you would need to surrender your PR Card at the citizenship ceremony because after that you could obtain a Canadian passport for travel to and from the country.

A PR Card is generally valid for five years and would be issued only if you are in Canada and when it expires you would need to renew it.

Renewal of PR Card

To renew your PR Card or have a replacement because it was lost stolen or defaced has a procedure that you would need to adopt and if you fulfill the requirements you would be issued one or if you do not comply the application would be rejected and you will have to apply again.

A guide on how to fill and send with the required documents is given online and it would be prudent on your part to read the instructions carefully before you submit your application.

If you are renewing the PR Card then keep the card and attach a photocopy of the card with the application but if you need one because it is damaged or defaced attach such card with your application and send it across.

No fees would be refunded hence it is imperative that you fill the application properly and submit with the required fee.

You would also need to send a very clear copy of your passport which you used prior to coming to Canada along with your application and two photographs to the specifications mentioned in the instruction guidelines.

A solemn declaration as to what happened to your original PR Card if you are applying to replace one due to it being, stolen or lost.

It would generally save you a lot of trouble if you would seek the services of a Canadian Immigration Consultant to help you in these matters because if you make a mistake you would lose money. The best you could choose would be the experienced and reputed Top Notch Immigration Solutions Incorporated, located at Brampton, Ontario.

Canada Citizenship Applications

All the people who are born in Canada become Canadian citizens. But if you have immigrated to Canada by obtaining permanent residency, you will be eligible to receive Citizenship after a certain period of time. If you want to figure out more information about it or if you think that you have all the qualifications needed to apply for Citizenship, you can go ahead and contact Top Notch Immigration Solutions. We will analyze your portfolio and guide you throughout the process.

Why should you apply for Canadian Citizenship?

With Canadian Citizenship, you will be provided with the opportunity to experience a variety of benefits. For example, you will be able to have a Canadian passport and you can go ahead and vote in the elections. However, the process of obtaining Canadian Citizenship is not easy and you should stick to the standardized process to avoid disappointment.

What requirements are needed to apply for Canadian Citizenship?

First of all, you need to meet the residency requirement in Canada. You will need to have spent your time in Canada for at least three complete years within the past five years in order to obtain Citizenship. In addition, you should have filed income tax returns within the country for a period of at least three years during the past five year period.

It is important to keep in mind that people who are aged between 18 and 54 are only provided with Canadian Citizenship. In addition, you need to prove that you are proficient in English and French, which are considered as the two most prominent languages spoken within the country. To prove your language proficiency in English, you will have to sit for IELTS or CELPIP exams. But if you want to prove the French language proficiency, you need to sit for TEF exam. You need to grab at least 4 points from these exams, according to the Canadian Language Benchmarks.

Before obtaining Canadian Citizenship, you will need to sit for an exam, which would analyze the knowledge that you have about the country. This exam will be based on an information booklet named Discover Canada. It includes the responsibilities and rights that come along with Canadian Citizenship. In the book, you will also be able to find information about the history of Canada, the social structure of the country and the political structure of the country. In the test, you will be able to find 20 MCQ questions. You will need to provide correct answers to at least 15 questions to pass the test. Or else, you will have to rewrite the test. If you fail the second attempt as well, you will need to face the same exam orally with one of the citizenship officers.

If you fail to get through the Canadian Citizenship requirements, you will have to face a residency questionnaire. This questionnaire would prove that you have stayed within the country for the specified duration of time and you are eligible to obtain Canadian Citizenship. However, the residency questionnaire is associated with a lot of paperwork and the process is quite overwhelming. Hence, you can think about getting our expert assistance to overcome the frustration linked with it. Once you get through the residency questionnaire, you will be asked to come for an interview with one of the citizenship judges. The citizenship judge would determine whether you are eligible to obtain Canadian Citizenship or not. All the documents submitted by you will be taken as evidence when determining your eligibility.

Awarding Canadian Citizenship

Once you go through the complex and time-consuming process, you will be able to receive Canadian Citizenship. It will be awarded to you after a Citizenship ceremony. During the ceremony, you will be asked to swear an oath, which would prove the loyalty that you have towards Canada. Then you will be provided with the Citizenship card. You can use that card to obtain your passport in Canada.

Appealing for Citizenship

A considerable percentage of individuals who go through the Citizenship application process will fail to get through. When you encounter such a situation, you can submit an appeal. However, you need to submit your appeal to the Federal Court within 30 days of getting your Citizenship application rejected. Then the court would determine whether you were rejected with fair and reasonable jurisdiction. If you need any help with it, you are always welcome to consult one of our legal professionals in TopNotch Immigration Solutions.

Canada Refugee & Refusal Appeals

It is an alarming situation but a recent survey has shown that Refugee Claim applications that were rejected by the lower tribunals were either sent back for reconsideration or the Refusal Appeals upheld the Appeal and the refugee status was granted.

The figure of such Appeals being upheld or sent back for reconsideration is a quarter of what was Appealed which means that the arbitrators or Judges at the lower tribunals had erred in delivering judgment.

New Refugee status laws

New laws and new systems have come in place but the decisions of the lower tribunals are being quashed by the Refugee Appeals Division (RAD), which does not say much good about the systems still in place.

It is imperative when studying this very alarming phenomenon to ensure that a good lawyer with the experience and the expertise is retained by anyone before lodging a Refugee status application.

There are some very blatant reasons for Refugee Applications to be rejected and high on the list is the Canada – USA Safe Third Country Agreement in which those who have crossed over from one to the other of these two countries automatically lose, on their Refugee Status application due to what is referred to as Double Dipping into the refugee or asylum-seeking systems of both countries.

The other is where 42 countries are on the safe list as far as the Canadian government is concerned and their citizens could return back without the fear of persecution, harassment or victimization.

Refusal could mean death, persecution or incarceration

Whatever the reason may be when a Refugee status application is refused it could be a life and death situation for those who had lodged the application in the first place.

There have been very grave inconsistencies even at the Refugee Appeals Division where one judge had refused all the Refugee Appeals that came before her and the judge had upheld all the Refugee Appeals that came before her Court and upheld the Appeals and overturned the decisions of the lower Courts.

This could be a very rare coincidence or it could be a lack of knowledge or a system that was created to help humanity from the various human-initiated calamities brought upon by human beings themselves.

When a Refugee status application is rejected, there are some crucial steps that could be taken by the refugee to rectify the problem and reversing the decision of the lower court.

The Canadian government does not want to just throw the refugees in the sea but would do everything within their power to ensure the Refugee’s safety, but there are many considerations that have to be looked into before a Refugee could be taken in and that needs to be understood by all.

Pre – removal risk assessment

If your refugee status has been rejected and you are to be sent back you could apply to be considered to be allowed to stay in Canada under this scheme.

This is where countries that are designated as safe and you come from one of these countries then there is no way that you could be provided refugee status.

On the contrary, if you are not from one of the designated countries then your Refugee status application could be considered and if your application had been rejected you are debarred from applying again for a period of 12 months.

Apply to the Refugee Appeal Division

An appeal could be made to the Refugee Appeal Division, but this place has also become inconsistent in the recent rulings declared and many Refugee Appeals have been rejected.

It would be imperative that you retain the best legal luminaries to fight out your Refugee case because if you fail then applying again would be one big hassle, and could cost a lot of money.

The Refugee Appeal Division has turned down many appeals whilst having upheld some too and that is what the worrying factors as there seems to be no consistency in the rulings.

Apply for judicial review at the Federal Court of Canada

Your application to the Federal Court of Canada should be made within 15 days of your Refugee application being rejected by the Immigration and Refugee Board and should be supported by a registered lawyer. As soon as you make the application to the Federal Court of Canada the proceedings of the order against you would be placed in abeyance until the final determination of your judicial review.

This is a two-stage Appeal where in the first the Federal Court would examine the documents presented by you and if they are satisfied that an error had occurred they would grant what is referred to as “Leave to Appeal”.

Once you are granted this status the proper judicial review would get underway and your appeal would be heard and you and your lawyer could be present and your lawyer would argue the case on your behalf.

If the Federal Court of Canada finds there has been an error at the Immigration and Refugee Board they will send it to the Refugee Protection Division to be reheard.

This means that the process would restart again but your application would not be upheld by the higher court but only the order of the Immigration and Review Board would be quashed to be reheard by the Refugee Protection Division.

On the contrary, if the Federal Court of Canada agrees with the original decision of the Immigration and Refugee Board then you would have to leave Canada within 30 days and you would be under a removal order.

Whatever the process you would take initially as you make your refugee application it would be prudent to have a professional entity to advise and back you all the way.

That is where the expertise and the experience of Top Notch Immigration Solutions Incorporated comes to be useful. The number of cases handled by them over the years has made them a battle-hardened Canadian Immigration Consultant of no mean repute.

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